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About the Artist

Hello all! First and foremost, I would like to thank you for visiting my website!


My name is Jeremiah Jordan and I am a 21 year old photographer just trying to make it big! Currently located in Aurora, CO. Portraits, landscapes, street, you name it and I love it!

I am completely self-taught and started photography as a hobby about 3-4 years ago to capture the beauty of the world through my point of view. In my early days I focused on portraits, but around a year ago I became fascinated with recording the memories of the wondrous nature that I have had the pleasure of seeing with my own eyes. Photography is an outlet for me to express how I feel in a moment, how I feel in a location, and how I feel about a subject. 

JDotPhotographs LLC has turned into a business rather than a hobby as recently as July of 2023. My goal is to one day make a living off my work (the artist’s dream), but mainly I would love to be able to showcase my art to the world and allow as many people as possible to feel the emotions and beauty of the Earth through my eyes. 

I think of my photography as an art form rather than a picture. 

I am an artist and photography is my medium.

I appreciate all the love and support! Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile!

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